Are you ready to take the routes less travelled & join me in the quest to seek out the hidden beaches when you travel? Are you looking beyond the crowded & commercialized vacation destinations like Goa? Then read on to discover the best unknown hidden jewels from Konkan! The best way to discover secret places is through […]
Are you ready to take the routes less travelled & join me in the quest to seek out the hidden beaches when you travel? Are you looking beyond the crowded & commercialized vacation destinations like Goa? Then read on to discover the best unknown hidden jewels from Konkan! The best way to discover secret places is through locals and exploring on your own. I am borne & brought up in Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri literally means ‘Collection of Jewels’. Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arabian Sea coast in Ratnagiri District in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, India. The district is a part of Konkan division of Maharashtra. City never stops to amaze me with the best places to travel it has to offer. Each season has its own beauty. As the whole world came to stand still, I was also confined within the walls of my Pune home. Recently, after taking all the precautions & making sure that we are safe to travel, we visited Ratnagiri. Stepping inside my home after almost a year & meeting my parents in person put us all on emotional high tide. Soon after soaking in the homely warmth & satiating my tummy with delicious food from mother’s kitchen, we are ready to begin our quest for unexplored beaches near me.    
  1. Devghali Beach:
Devghali Beach is located in Kasheli village of Ratnagiri district. Kasheli is known for the ancient temple of Kanakaditya (Kanak means Gold & Aditya is a name for the Sun God), which is 18 kms. from Pavas. The idol of Suryanarayan you see here is 800 years old. You can find the directions map to Devghali beach at the temple. Road onwards to the beach are not built yet. Four wheelers can go up to the end of table top point.     You can take down the steps to viewing deck which offers 270℃ view or choose to walk further down to get your feet soaked in the waves. One can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful sunset. You can explore the cave in the adjacent hill as well. This is the best vacation spot for families & youth.    
  1. Wayangani Beach:
Wayangani is another small village in Ratnagiri ahead of the very famous Bhatye beach. You will get a slip road to Wayangani on right hand side around 6 kms ahead of Bhatye beach while travelling towards Pavas. Road is small that only one car can pass at a time. Please drive slowly, pause & allow the bikers to pass by safely. When you go further on the slip road at the fork, take the right-hand side road to go to beach. You need to take help of locals for direction as there are no sign boards. All the efforts will be rewarded with the scenic view & most pristine beach in front of your eyes. It is a small beach & has a combination of rocky patch on left side while a long plain beach on right side. With almost no visitors, you can enjoy Private Beach feeling. Bask in the warm sunshine as you lie on the glittering sand, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze or dip your feet in the soothing water, listening to the sound of waves lashing against the rocks. If you are seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Wayangani Beach is the perfect place for you. As the place is thankfully not yet commercialized, you won’t find any stalls in the vicinity. Please take all the necessary food & drinking water if you are planning for a longer stay at the beach. Of course, leave on footprints behind & take away all your garbage with you! Be a responsible traveler!    
  1. Kajirbhati Beach:
Kajirbhati is a white sand beach located in Nevare village. This beach is located between the well-known Aare Ware Beach & Ganapatipule beach. Offering picturesque landscape and tranquil surroundings, Kajirbhati is a perfect beach to visit with family and friends.   The sunset from this beach cannot be missed! Enjoy a dreamy sunset as the sun paints the picturesque surroundings with the colors of dusk. When things were normal in pre-pandemic world, those looking for some adventure could take part in the various water sports on offer at the beach.  
  1. Velas Beach:
Velas beach located in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district, the remote village of Velas would have stayed in oblivion if it weren’t for the Olive Ridley turtles that brought international attention to this place.

Courtsey : Thrillophilia

If you look forward for a rustic beach vacation, Velas beach is a perfect fit for your itinerary. You must plan your visit here to coincide with the Annual Turtle Festival (held during February-March) to witness the hatchlings being released by the volunteers into the sea every morning at specific times, which is a unique experience for sure. Observing the baby turtles taking their first steps to the sea is heart-warming sight to watch. You can also plan to visit the nearby Bankot fort & continue your exploration journey further to Dapoli, Shrivardhan, Harihareshwar and Diveagar.    
  1. Ganeshgule Beach:
Situated on the outskirts of Ratnagiri, it surely is a relaxing beach for a calm walk and romantic evenings. Ganeshgule Beach lies at 25 KMs from the main city. The shining blue water, silvery white colored sands and the surging waves gives the beach a royal look. The beach has a serene environment and is pollution free. It is an ideal place to find solitude. The beach is on the smaller side when compared to many other beaches in the Konkan region, but therein the real charm of this hidden gem. Stay at one of the lovely homestays or resorts along the beach, and let the beach become your own private heaven for a few memorable days. Make sure to visit Ganeshgule’s Shri Mahaganesh Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple is said to be about 400 years old and is one of the few Indian temples facing southwards. The temple’s Ganesha Idol is ‘Swayambhu’ which means ‘naturally formed’. In addition, the trunk of the Ganesha Idol curves towards the west. The temples premises also contain an ancient well belonging to the Pandava era.           Best Time to Visit The most suitable time to visit Konkan coast is winter season for those who want to experience milder temperatures and less humidity. The weather remains cool and dry during these months and will be comfortable especially for Westerners. This is the peak holiday season in Konkan as is in most other parts of India.   However, if you love mangoes, especially the Haapus variety, you must visit during Mango season (during April & May months) and treat yourself to some of the best mangoes you have ever tasted. Feast on a variety of delicious mango products and juicy mangoes to your heart’s content, and take some home to enjoy later. You can also relish the jackfruit and other Konkan Ranmeva like Jamun, other local berries.     Western coast experiences heavy rainfall & one can mountains covered in all the possible shades of green. If you are looking for some adventure & thrill, you can visit Konkan in monsoon for treks & waterfall trails.       Signing off in Konkani style - Yeva Konkan Aapalach Asa....           If you're a foodie, do visit this culinary page   Digital Marketing is a new buzz word, get your basics clear here   Is blogging on your mind too & wondering how to take that 1st step, this article is worth a read to get the kick start.  

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